3 Tips for Assembling a Carport Kit

Carports kits are used to construct carports. A carport is a structure that can be put up on your property for the purpose of protecting your car. If there is no garage for your home, a carport might be useful. Trailers or mobile homes don’t usually have a garage but you will see a number of carports assembled in mobile home communities for the residents to park their cars protected from dirt and bad weather. Carports come in many shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s needs.

One of the many advantages of having a carport is having shelter for your car. They also provide extra safety. Since they are usually installed next to a door of the home, you can pull up into the carport and not have to worry about bad weather. On nice days, you can pull your car out and use sit outside under the shade of the carport and enjoy the weather. Although, they are not enclosed, they also provide extra storage space.

So as you can see, carport kits can be very handy. The carports they build are meant to help protect not only you but the vehicle you drive from the weather elements, and sometimes human elements. There is a carport kit to fit everyone’s personal needs. Some homes don’t come with a garage. Such homes might be a mobile home or a trailer, some apartment houses use carports to shelter the tenants cars. So if you are ever in the market for a place to keep your car and you don’t have a garage, a carport kit may be your best choice. So look around and see what they have to offer. You just might find one that you like. So be safe and happy hunting.

1 - Understand the Styles

Carport kits come in three sizes. There is an A-Frame kit, Standard size kit and the soft top. The A-Frame kit looks just like it states. The roof is in the shape of an A-Frame. The standard size kit has a roof that is shaped as a standard garage roof and the Soft top kit consists of the poles and a tarp. Procedure of assembling varies for each style, so understanding the type of kit helps in assembling.

2 - Check the Sizes

Generally, people forget and do not consider the sie of carport. All carport kits usually come in sizes that range from 12 foot wide to 24 foot wide and 21 foot long to 41 foot long. The size you choose depends on your needs. The 12 foot wide and 21 foot long model is about as big as a single car garage. There is a size for everyone. The procedure will depend of the size used and you may require a professional help accordingly.

3 - Material Used

Carport kits are made of metal, aluminum, or wood. The metal and aluminum carports are much lighter and are movable after construction. A wooden carport kit is much heavier and once it is constructed it is not easily moved. The carport with a tarp roof is portable. The soft top carport can be disassembled and reassembled when you travel or move. Even though they are all made from different materials, they serve the same purpose. While assembling, you will require help for wooden kit while you can assemble the aluminum kit by yourself. You also need to note that tools required for aluminum kit will differ from wooden kit.