3 Tips for Drain Snake Cleaning

Many homeowners buy a drain cleaning snake (otherwise known as a plumbers snake) to help them unclog domestic drain problems. Drain pipes often get clogged with excess waste from the home and alternative to calling a professional, a drain snake is a quick and easy way to free the pipe clogs.

1 - Dragging

When using a drain snake which is attached to an electric drill, always put the drill on the lowest setting for speed. Run the snake into the pipe until you reach the clogged area and use the auger corkscrew end to twist into the clog. When retracting the snake, pull it out slowly so as not to damage the pipes or make the clog worse.

2 - Hand Held

If your drain snake is manual and does not attach to a drill, twist it through the pipes until the clog is located. Keep twisting into the clogged area until you feel the snake exit the clog on the other side. Twist in the same direction while pulling slowly on the clog to release it.

3 - Indoors

If a clogged drain is inside the house, make sure you have plenty of rags and dust cloths on the floor to protect it from the dirty water which will come from the pipe when you release the clog.