3 Tips for Framing a Through the Wall Air Conditioner

Having a through the wall air conditioner in your home or office is one of the most effective ways of solving your cooling problems. There are a lot of advantages you can get from these types of air conditioners. One of them is they are space saving. Because they are installed through a wall, you can use the much needed space for other purposes, whether be it in your room or at the office.

Because these things are installed hanging, for better performance and long life, you must learn how to maintain the unit and how to take good care of it for you to be able to avoid unwanted repairs. One of the best ways of taking good care of your through the wall air conditioner is by making a frame to protect it.

Make Sure you Get the Best Materials for your Frame

There are a lot of materials that you can use for the frame of your through the wall air conditioner. But you have to make sure you only get the materials that are would not be harsh on your unit like metal. Metal could rust and eventually rust your air conditioner too. The best material for an air conditioner frame would be wood. Wood can last for many years without corroding or affecting your through the wall air conditioner. In order for you to make sure that the material you will use will not affect your air conditioner, before putting your unit into the frame, you should first be able to ensure that the wood does not scratch the appliance. You can do this by sanding the edges to make sure that it is smooth.

Make Sure the Measurements are Correct for your Frame

Framing a through the wall air conditioner can be a challenge sometimes. Because when you make the frame, you need to make sure that the measurements of your frame are precise and the air conditioner should fit in perfectly with your craft. You can do this by allowing a little space for the air conditioner. This is important for most woods that are used for frames tend to expand or shrink due to extreme weather conditions, and this might damage your air conditioning unit.

Support the Air Conditioner from the Inside

When putting your through the wall air conditioner inside the frame, you should be able to take extra steps in making sure they do not get scratched. You can do this by cutting small pieces of Styrofoam and put them in the corners of your frame. This way, there will be an allowance between the frame and the air conditioner itself, so whatever happens (whether it shrinks or expands due to weather changes), you will not have to worry about your air conditioning unit getting damaged. This is also helpful in making your unit breathe because it has been proven that frames can suffocate the air conditioning units making it work or perform less than it should. The end result when an appliance gets abused this way is that it becomes damaged and you might have to get it repaired.