3 Tips for Garage Wall Shelves

Garage wall shelves may not be seen every day, but fitting them is still a serious do-it-yourself project that needs to be planned carefully.


Watch Your Weight Limit

You might be surprised by how heavy the equipment you keep on your garage wall shelves can be. For example, leaf blowers, pressure washers and large pots of paint can strain your back when you lift them, yet you expect the shelves to bear the weight without complaint!


Fix Shelving Panels Together Well

Garage wall shelves are only as strong as their construction, so you need to screw both components of the shelf together to make sure that it is as robust as possible. Be careful with old garages. You may need to check the strength of the structure before fixing garage wall shelves to the bricks themselves.


Leave Room for the Car!

Make sure that you will be able to get in and out of your car after you have fitted your garage wall shelves.