3 Tips for Installing a Corner Shower Rod

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If you have a corner shower, then you need to install a corner shower rod. Having enough conveniences in your bathroom is essential, since the room provides a place for relaxation in the house.

If a normal curtain rod is used in a corner, the effect would be to force you deeper into the corner and make the restrictive space less comfortable. The resulting triangular shape would look bad. It will not be able to match with anything else and ruins the general design of the bathroom.

Using the Appropriate Shower Rod

There is a solution for a corner shower rod, and that is a rod that has been bent to a 90° angle. Because the resulting shape forms a square, you will have more space in your shower enclosure. There will be no curtain that will push you into the corner to make you feel uncomfortable. The square shape will also make your bathroom look better.

Considering the Material of Your Shower Rod

As with other types of shower rods, it is essential that you consider the material. Doing so will allow you to put the details and style of your bathroom in better perspective. Examine the other fixtures, the tiles, sink, and toilet. Consider how you can make the material and color of your shower rod fit better with the rest of your bathroom.

Among the materials that you can choose from are iron, bronze, and steel. Also consider how the measurement of the shower rod will fit the dimensions of your bathroom. Measure your shower area before purchasing a shower rod.

Installing Your Corner Shower Rod

Before you install your corner shower rod, mark the wall for the screws, then attach the studs to them. The shower rod should be screwed on to these studs. Doing so will forms a more secure bond. Next attach the clips that will hang the curtains. The right length of curtain will barely touch the floor. Having a curtain at the correct length reduces the risk of a slip accident.