3 Tips for Installing a Shower Arm Extension

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A shower arm extension is a great way to extend the reach of your shower. The extension is a pipe that curves from where a normal shower rests. It is attached to the shower pipe. Consider installing a shower arm extension to make your shower even more enjoyable.

The shower arm extension involves removing the existing shower head, attaching the extension to the shower pipe, and reattaching the head to the extension. There is not much more to the process. Here are some additional tips.

Use White Plumbers Tape

White plumber's tape provides a bond for the pipes and reduces leaks. It is ideal to use where a solder cannot be made on the joint. It acts in the same way as aluminum solder does.

Use Moderate Pressure When Loosening and Connecting Pipes

It can be easy to strip the pipe threads. Use pliers and grips with moderate pressure so as not to damage the pipes or threads. You may be working with soft metals that can bend easily when you use too much pressure. A softer hand can be as forceful and produce the same result without causing damage.

Test Fitting the Showerhead to the Shower Arm Extension

Test fit the showerhead in order to ensure that it fits properly. In most cases, the showerhead will fit the extension with little or no trouble. Ensure that it fits perfectly in order to prevent leaks. If you discover that the showerhead is not the right size for the shower arm extension, return to the store and exchange for a unit that fits properly.