3 Tips for Painting Laminated Cabinets

Painting laminated cabinets is a cheap way to remodel your storage front and give everything an entirely fresh look. A few tips will make painting your laminated cabinets go more smoothly.


Sand all the exposed areas first with 100-grit sandpaper once you’ve removed all the cabinet hardware. This will roughen the surface enough to accept the paint. Once you’ve finished sanding make sure you wipe off all the dust with a tack cloth or lint-free cloth.


Start painting the cabinets with a coat of primer, ensuring you cover all the surfaces that will be painted. This doesn’t need to be a thick coat, but you should make sure that you cover the entire laminated area. Give it 24-hours to dry before painting.


Use latex paint for painting laminated cabinets. It will adhere much better and leave a better finish. You’ll achieve the best results by applying two thin coats, allowing each one to drive completely before applying the next, rather than a single thick coat.

To finish off and help the paint last longer, complete painting laminated cabinets by using clear sealer on top of the paint. Go for semi-gloss or full gloss sealer and either paint it on or spray it on.