3 Tips for Painting Oak Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Painting oak cabinets can present a challenge due to the grain in the wood. If you try to paint over the grain, it will show through. Even several coats of paint will not always cover the wood grain. In order to make certain your painting project is successful, here are some tips to help you along.

1.  Even Out the Wood Grain Surface

To even out the wood grain, you will need to apply a coat of wood grain filler, which will smooth the cabinets and fill in the variations between the different wood grains in the oak. Allow it to dry completely before moving on to any other steps.

2.  Sand the Surface

After you have the wood grain smoothed out, you will want to use fine grit sandpaper to gently rough the surface for priming. You will not want to sand it too hard. Be sure to wipe down the surface when finished with a clean tack cloth to remove the dust.

3.  Add a Coat of Primer

Before painting, brush on a good coat of primer. It will completely cover the wood grain and prepare your cabinets for painting.