3 Tips for Removing Dried Paint from Interior Window Trim

cracked peeling drying paint on inside window

To update your room, and give it a fresh look, try repainting your interior window trim. But, to begin with a fresh palate you need to remove the old pain. Here are 3 tips for removing dried paint from interior window trim.

1. Sanding

If the paint isn't applied layers, you can opt for sanding your trim. Using a hand sander base and the correct grit of sandpaper for your paint thickness makes it easier. If you feel it is going to be difficult with only muscle power, you can buy or rent an electric sander from your local hardware or home improvement store.

2. Heat Gun

A heat gun, also known as a hot air gun, loosens the paint and makes it bubble so it can be easily scraped off. Be sure that you are not using this tool on lead paint, as the fumes are toxic. When using the heat gun, be sure that you are taking caution, protecting your skin, because it gets very hot, and also that you use it in a well-ventilated space.

3. Chemical Removers

Chemical removers, or strippers, are very thorough in cleaning the paint off. They also clean the wood underneath the paint to be sure all debris are removed. Because these are chemicals, purchase a paint mask to protect yourself from breathing in the fumes. A well-ventilated area is also needed for this method.

Depending on how much detail you have on your trim, you may need to use one or more of these methods for your project. After the paint is removed just paint and enjoy!