3 Tips for Removing Wood Veneer

Removing old wood veneer can be accomplished by using a little elbow grease. Use the following couple of tricks to make the project a little easier.

The scraper

Use a metal scraper to remove the veneer as the plastic ones are just not strong enough and will lose their “edge” faster.


Use a heat gun, a hair dryer or a steam iron for heating the wood veneer.

If using a heat gun, gently wave the gun back and forth over the section you are working.  You need to get the glue hot enough to melt. 

A hair dryer can help, but really does not get hot enough and so is not recommended unless you have no other options.

If you choose to use a steam iron to heat up the glue, put a towel over the section of veneer you are working on and move the iron over it until it is hot.


If the veneer you are removing was applied prior than fifty years ago, use water with the heat gun. The older veneer glue will break down with water and heat making scraping a little easier. Use a spray bottle with water in it, as well as the heat gun, and scrape. Be careful not to get water on the heat gun.