3 Tips for Selecting Bathroom Ceiling Paint Color

When designing your bathroom you normally forget about the bathroom ceiling. The walls can have wallpaper placed on them, pictures hung or a faux finish painted. The color of the bathroom ceiling can create warmth, depth and size. Choosing the color for your bathroom ceiling to do either of these things may prove difficult but the following article will share some tips on how to choose the correct paint.

Tip 1: No Natural Light

Many bathrooms are created without sources of natural light. This lack of light translates in to constant fluorescent lights. This alone can drastically change your ideas for bathroom ceiling paint. Fluorescent light has a tendency to make colors look washed out and ugly. Trying to pair the right color of paint with this type of light is not an easy feat. This may be a good time to consider a change in lighting fixtures before painting the bathroom ceiling. If the paint on the walls is white, a light yellow on the bathroom ceiling will help create a brighter room. This will also play off of a white sink. When the light comes on it will bounce off of the light paint to create the look of more natural light.

Tip 2: Natural Light

If you're lucky enough to have a source of natural light, color choice becomes easier. You will be faced with a dilemma of the bathroom being too bright and as a result you will want to diffuse the natural light somewhat. This can be accomplished by working with the other colors in the bathroom. If your walls are white and the floor is slate you would not paint the ceiling purple or pink. You will want to have all of the colors working together. Since the floor is dark and the walls are light a splash of color on the bathroom ceiling will expand the space. A color that is darker than the walls but lighter than the floors will diffuse the strong natural light. This type of paint color will also provide color for the artificial light to reflect off of to give a natural light feeling.

Tip 3: Use Accent Points

The bathroom is full of many items that can be used as inspiration for painting the bathroom ceiling. It is important to use everything in the bathroom to determine the color of the paint you will be using. There are two ways you can go about deciding the paint color. The first is a very obvious decision where you use the color that is more prevalent in the bathroom. If you have dark floors, you would choose a color that is the color of the grout or several shades lighter. A less obvious approach is one used by renowned designers around the world. That is to use the less obvious colors of the space to pull everything together. This can be a subtle red in a painting or a blue hue in a wall tile.