3 Tips for Using Metal Threading Dies

Threading dies provide the ideal way to create custom fasteners that could be required as part of any project. To ensure that you get the desired result, you must ensure that the process is carried out correctly. Follow the simple tips below.

1 – Sizing

Be aware that using threading dies will result in a reduction of the diameter of the metal on which you are working. For this reason, you must take into account the depth of the thread. Take the measurements from the metal dies rather than from the size of the material you are working with.

2 – Technique

You can use threading dies by hand, but is often difficult as the tools must be precisely positioned. It is easier to ensure that the tools are perpendicular if you use the dies with a power drill. Once you have started the process with a tool, you can finish it by hand.

3 – Cleaning

You can use threading dies for not only creating a thread, but also to clean an existing thread; this is known as chasing. When you undertake this process, ensure that you use a die of the correct size to prevent increasing the depth of the thread.