3 Tips for Waxing Wood Furniture

Waxing wood is one way of enhancing the surface to bring out the features such as grain and knots. Those who work with wood often enjoy putting on a layer of wax, as this can give the wood a proper finish. If you are interested in waxing wood, then you should know that there are some techniques which will help you get the most from this experience.

1 - Get Lubrication

As well as the abrasive rubbing of the wood, you will also need to apply a lubricant to this, in order to keep the wood clean. Choose a new oil, which has not been used before, and look for something which is oil-based, such as paraffin. Add a thin layer to the surface of the wood as you are waxing. Add lubricant to the wood as necessary.

2 - Distribute Wax Evenly

When you are waxing the wood, you need to apply an even layer to the surface. Watch out for waxy build-up in some areas.

3 - Apply Wax Thinly

You only need to apply a little wax to the surface in order to get a good shine, so don't apply too much at once. Excessive amounts of wax will make the wood look dull and create a sticky feel.