3 Tips on Painting a Wooden Work Bench

To help preserve your wooden workbench or just spruce it up, try these three tips on painting a wooden workbench.


You'll need to remove any stain or old paint that is on the workbench. Use a solvent to loosen the paint according to the manufacturer's directions. The solvent will cause the paint to scrape off easily with a putty knife. After it is clean, sand the wooden workbench. Pay close attention to the nooks and crannies. When you finish, wipe the bench with a cloth to remove any debris left from sanding. Your bench is now ready to paint.


Paint or stain the bench with two even coats. Be sure you also paint under the seat to protect the wood. Allow the bench to dry completely before you apply a clear coat or sealant.


If your wooden workbench will be exposed to the elements, use a clear coat that is waterproof. If your bench will remain inside a shop or garage, you will want to put a couple of coats on it to keep knocks and dings to a minimum. Allow it to dry for a couple of days before you set any tools on it. After it has cured, you can add some wax for extra protection.