3 Tips on Trimming Lilac Bushes

Trimming lilac bushes is an essential part of lilac gardening. You should not trim Lilac bushes as you trim a Lilac tree as you will be left with a nice hedge with no flowers. Here are a few tips on how to trim the lilac bush properly.

Tip 1- Cut The Bottom Shooters

You will want to trim back any growth at the bottom of the bush that is growing back into or touching the ground.

Tip 2- Work From The Inside Out

Clip the branches from the inside of the bush, eliminating the older wood first. You need to create an airy open bush and lopping off the outside portion will not do this. Do not cut more than one quarter of the total branches from the center. Once the inside is trimmed get rid of any unsightly branches which may have made the bush look lopsided.

Tip 3- Timing is Important

Trim the lilac bush right after the flowers have died off. Next year’s flowers will grow on this year's wood so it is important not to trim it all off.
By following these few trimming tips you can ensure that your lilac bush stays neat and in control.