3 Tips when Applying Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster can be used in the process of decorating to add texture to walls and ceilings. By taking advantage of some tips during the process of applying the plaster, you can ensure that the project is carried out correctly.

1 – Prepare

In order to ensure that the Venetian plaster has the best possible base to adhere to, you must begin with some preparation. Any repairs must be completed before primer is applied to the wall surface, making sure that it matches the color of the plaster. Only make as much plaster as you need for the project.

2 – Application Technique

Hold the trowel at an angle when applying the Venetian plaster to the wall to ensure the layer is as thin and smooth as possible. Work in small sections at a time and overlap the strokes to ensure that the entire wall is covered. Use the same process to apply the second layer.

3 – Finishing

Allow the Venetian plaster to dry thoroughly, which will usually mean leaving it for at least 4 hours. The texture can be adjusted and any imperfections removed by rubbing the surface with sandpaper after it is dry. To remove the resultant dust, wipe with a water-dampened cloth.