3 Tips when Using Termite Stakes

Termite stakes are a trusted method for dealing with termites. The great thing about termite stakes is the fact that they are easy to use, readily available, inexpensive and very effective. Unlike other staking products; termite stakes are treated pieces of wood which are used to bait termites. There are several kinds of termites but the ones that the stakes target are the worker termites. The worker termites take the food back to the colony. If they take back the treated wood then they will help you kill other termites in the colony. There are tricks that will allow you to properly use the termite stakes to their greatest effect and this article will share those with you.

Exterior Protection Only

Termite stakes aren't meant for use inside the home. It's important that you remember this when you purchase them at the hardware store. Using them in the house could cause poisoning of family pets and even children. Termites are very hearty insects which get their nutrition from eating celluloid (paper, wood and more). They cannot digest wood but instead turn it into a substance they require to live. The chemical on the stakes stop this process. When you place the stakes outside make sure that you cover the perimeter by placing a stake every 20 feet and 6 feet away from the home. Pound the stakes all the way into the ground so you can no longer see them. Termites generally begin their entrance to your home by burrowing through the soft soil and getting through cracks in the foundation.

Prevention Measures Only

If you know that you have termites in the house then termite stakes most likely will not help you at all. They travel through the ground to get to the home and that is where termite stakes are effective. Do not waste your money on termite stakes when you know you have an infestation in the home because they will not help you. Purchase the stakes and place them in the ground to stop further infestation from occurring.

Termite Stake Chips

If you want to take full preventive measures against termites from entering your home then consider creating wood chips out of termite stakes. You will want to fig a small trench around your home that is at least 10 inches deep, 3 inches wide and 6 feet from your home. Take a bundle of termite stakes (or as many as it will take) and break them into smaller chips. This is easily done with a wood chipper that has a bag attachment. Once the termite stakes are chipped place them in the trench in a single layer. Once the trench is full you can cover the trench with the previously removed and tamper down. The termites will have a barrier of poisoned termite stakes to contend with which will be a veritable buffet for them. The worker termites will feed off the stakes and then transport back to the colony. Other termites will find the barricade hard to ignore as well.