3 Tire Sales Gimmicks to Avoid

Here are 3 tire sales gimmicks to avoid when getting your tires repaired or replaced at a service center. The first gimmick involves convincing you that all 4 tires need to be replaced when you take your car in for a simple repair. The second tire sale gimmick involves selling you an unneeded spare tire and the third tire sales gimmick sells you a special fourth tire when you pay for a wheel rotation or other type of tire work.

All of these gimmicks are illegal sales practices in most states and at the very least should be reported when they occur to you when getting your car repaired.

1 - Replacing All 4 Tires

One gimmick involves an attempt to sell you 3 additional tires when you get a nail or some obstruction that causes you a flat. The gimmick convinces you that your car will be out of balance if you only have the 1 tire repaired but by purchasing an additional 3 tires, your car will run as designed.

There is no truth to the myth that purchasing 1 tire or having it repaired necessitates the replacement of the other tires. This sales gimmick is just that, an attempt to sell you more tires without providing you with any real value. Do not fall for this sales trick and report any service center that attempts to do this to you immediately to a consumer business reporting bureau.

2 - Unneeded Spare Tire

Every car on the road is equipped with a spare tire that is adequate to get you to a repair shop in the event of an emergency. The spares that are designed, often referred to as "bicycle spares", do not need to be replaced by a full size tire in order for you to be safe. The purpose behind a spare tire is to act as a spare, not as one of the regular tires on your car. Purchasing a spare full size tire to replace your smaller spare is unnecessary and a waste of money. Do not take the bait on this sales gimmick.

3 - Paying for Tires in Connection with a Service Deal

The so-called "service special" asks you to consider buying a special "on sale" tire when you have your vehicle in for some type of repair work such as rotating the tires or having some other tire work. You will find with this type of special that you may not exactly be getting what you paid for in terms of the special tire. The special itself may not even be a special but rather the regular price you would have paid if you came in to buy the tire. Avoid purchasing any new tire in connection with a service special without finding out what the regular price of the tire is and what you would have paid without the special.

If you suspect that you are being sold a tire under some pretense or scam, report the service or repair shop immediately.