3 Tools Needed for Stripping Paint

If you haven't tried stripping paint before, you may find it confusing as to what tools you'll need for your particular project. There are many options, and it will depend on the method that you will want to use for removing the paint that will help you figure out what tools you will need.

Paintbrush or Paint Sponge

To apply paint stripper, you will need a soft bristled paintbrush or a paint sponge. You will dip the brush or sponge in the stripper and apply it in globs and gently spread it. Make sure you get a thick coat on the piece you are stripping.

Safety Goggles

As with most projects, you should wear safety goggles when stripping paint. Not only is there potential harm with paint flying as you remove it, but the paint stripper can be made of toxic chemicals. If you are using a soy based paint stripper, you are not being exposed to toxic fumes, but it is still a good idea to protect your eyes.

Hand Sander

After you have removed the paint, you will need to sand the surface to remove any left behind paint specks that may not have been removed. After you sand, just wipe the dust off and you are ready to refinish your piece.