3 Trends in Sustainable Architecture Exterior Walls

There are three trends in sustainable architecture for exterior walls. These trends include the use of temporary walls to open the home’s space up. Another sustainable architectural trend in exterior walls involves the use of materials other the gypsum board for drywalls and a final trend in sustainable architecture exterior walls is to increase construction of windows to reduce the amount of exterior wall space. Each of these trends helps to increase the energy efficiency of the home by making it less dependent on fossil fuels or production methods that impact the environment.

Trend #1: The Use of Temporary Walls

The first trend in sustainable architecture for exterior walls is the use of temporary walls to separate spaces within the home. This helps to multipurpose a room and stretch its use beyond its original intended use or purpose. Temporary exterior walls are created using room dividers or building retractable walls that can be hidden in a crevice or hidden space that conceals its existence.

Temporary walls can be a good sustainable wall and are becoming a trend in building designs, particularly in those homes that are looking to open the area up and give the home the feeling of a larger space. Building temporary walls reduces the number of exterior walls needed as support for the interior walls.

Trend #2: Replacing Gypsum Drywall Boards

Traditional drywall that uses gypsum rock takes resources that deplete the environment. In the sustainable building green movement, materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood that does not deplete natural resources are used in place of gypsum drywall. This reduces the amount of carbon emissions associated with transporting gypsum rock from a quarry by way of a truck and reducing the rock into a substance that can be made into drywall. Reducing manufacturing and transportation reduces energy dependency and makes the walls made from bamboo and reclaimed wood more sustainable and better for the environment. This is another trend that is found in sustainable architecture for exterior walls.

Trend #3: Using More Windows

The less material required in the build of the exterior results in a lower amount of energy consumption or waste in the production of those materials. This can be accomplished by adding more windows or larger windows that cover as much wall space as possible. This can also be done by using glass to create walls and make an exterior wall that is more sustainable than the wood and other materials required in the wall’s construction.

Sustainable architecture ideas for exterior walls are evolving on a constant basis and can be found in consultation with builders and designers that are familiar with this growing field of home building. As sustainable building becomes more of the norm rather than a fad for home building, more exterior design ideas will take form. This will make these homes further energy efficient and sustainable, contributing to a better use of materials and integration with natural resources.