3 Types of Aquarium Gravel Cleaners

Aquarium gravel cleaners are an important piece of equipment for fish owners. These cleaners remove dirt and debris from the tank that could harm the fish. Here are descriptions of three common types of gravel cleaners to help you choose which is the right one for you. 

1—Siphon Cleaner

These are the most basic kinds of aquarium gravel cleaners made of plastic with a tube on one end and a hose on the other. Place the tube fully in the aquarium and wait until it is filled with water and then remove it. Repeat until an air bubble forms in the tube, proof that the suction has begun, pulling the debris from the tank to the tube and through the hose. 

2—Electric Cleaner

There are safe electric aquarium gravel cleaners you can use in your fish tank. These clip onto the side of the tank and a small filter is submerged in the water. The electricity acts as a pump, sucking dirt into the filter. Change the filter at regular intervals to ensure that your tank continues to be cleaned. 

3—Battery-powered Cleaners

There are aquarium gravel cleaners that look like small vacuums that run on batteries. They collect the debris in a bag just like a home vacuum, making clean up easy.