3 Types of Brick Siding

Installing a brick siding to your house will give your house a brick appearance without the material and labor cost of actually using real bricks. Brick siding is made of a thin layer of bricks installed on a wood or concrete wall using mortar or adhesive. Below are the various types of brick siding.

1. Interlocking Brick Siding

Interlocking brick siding is a lightweight and relatively durable brick siding with slots to join the bricks together without using mortar or any adhesive material. Intelocking brick siding is among the easiest to install without the aid of a bricklayer. It can be used for vertical or horizontal siding.

2. Flat Tile Brick Siding

Flat tile brick siding has the appearance and feel of an actual brick. It comes in a various colors such as red, dark red and dark gray. Flat tile brick siding is installed like a normal brick and requires the right combination of water, cement, lime and sand to concoct a mortar that will firmly secure the tiles into the wall surface. Installing this type of brick siding can be tricky and it is recommended to hire a professional bricklayer. Flat tile brick siding can be used for vertical or horizontal siding.

3. Panel Brick Siding

Panel brick siding are large blocks of brick made of synthetic materials. It exactly looks like a brick but is very lightweight. Panel brick siding is installed by stacking each block next to or above each other and applying construction adhesive.