3 Types of Chainsaw Sharpeners Explained

Chainsaw sharpeners are the more cost-effective solution when it comes to damaged or dull chainsaw blades. A chainsaw is a tool that is most commonly used to cut wood. While it was traditionally a logger’s tool, over the years it has undergone many changes. Today, there are a variety of brands, sizes and configurations of chainsaws available in the market. This has enabled the chainsaw to transition from a professional tool to an everyday tool. Chainsaws are now used by individuals keen on DIY projects around the home and yard.

The biggest disadvantage of a chainsaw is that with time the saw will lose its sharp edge. Unfortunately, once the blade is dulled, the saw does not deliver. Replacing the blade every single time it gets blunt is an expensive affair, and this is where a chainsaw sharpener comes into the picture.

Types of Chainsaw Sharpeners

If you are in the market for a chainsaw sharpener, you need to do your homework about the many different options available. Given below is a brief explanation of 3 types of chainsaw sharpeners.

  1. Handheld Round File

One of the most commonly used chainsaw sharpeners is the hand-held round file chainsaw sharpener. As the name suggests, this is a round file; its diameter varies, depending on the size of the chainsaw. When the chainsaw loses its sharp edge, a hand-held file is run over the tip of the chain. While the process seems simple enough, it does need some precision. Given that the sharpening is happening manually, the user needs to ensure a degree of control so as not to disturb the cutting angle of the chain.

  1. Bar Mounted Guide

Another chainsaw sharpener is the bar mounted guide chainsaw sharpener. When using a bar mounted guide, the first step is to place the saw on a flat, stable platform, like a bench or a table. Then, you need to secure the guide to the chainsaw, mount it on the bar of the chainsaw, and fasten it in place. Thereafter, the various knobs on the machine need to be set as per the saw specifications; this includes the sharpener’s depth and filing angle. Once you have the right fittings, the file simply needs to be applied to the chainsaw. When using a bar mounted guide it is important to be wary of file shavings that fly off the blade. These can hurt you, and so it is always better to be prepared with safety gear and a first aid kit.

  1. Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Another popular chainsaw sharpener is the electric chainsaw sharpener. Today, this is one of the most common tools used by professionals. The electric chainsaw sharpener scores over other chainsaw sharpeners on account of the time taken to complete the job. In fact, using an electric chainsaw sharpener is the fastest way to sharpen a dull saw. Additionally, there is a large variety of electric chainsaw sharpeners available in the market; these come in a variety of sizes and suit every budget. Like the bar mounted guide, when using a chainsaw sharpener, you must wear safety gear; this includes gloves, protective eyewear and working overalls.