3 Types of Crab Traps

There are various types of crab traps that you can choose from in order to catch crabs. Examples of crab traps are box traps, ring net traps and pyramid traps.

Box Crab Traps

A box crab trap is the most common type of crab trap used today because of its efficiency in catching crabs. A box crab trap has multiple entrances and is made of wires of metal with a cube shape. Although box traps are bulky and difficult to transport, they are preferred by many crab hunters since they are effective in keeping the crab in the trap.

Ring Net Crab Traps

A ring net trap is composed of one small metal ring and one large metal ring. The two rings are wrapped in a durable net. The large opening of a ring net crab trap is perfect for luring in crabs. Although this type of crab trap is easier to store compared to other types of crab traps, using it requires precision and proper trap positioning in order to catch a crab.

Pyramid Crab Traps

Pyramid crab traps are made of metal cross wiring shaped like a pyramid. It lures in crabs by putting bait at the middle of the pyramid trap. Once the crabs are lured into the trap, the pyramid crab trap closes, trapping the crabs in the process.