3 Types of Drywall Anchors

There are different types of drywall anchors available in the market today and sometimes it can get confusing to determine which type is best for what purpose. There are generally 2 types of drywall anchors: expansion anchors and hollow wall anchors.

Expansion anchors are more suitable for solid, thick materials like cement, metals, wood, brick or mortar. Hollow wall anchors, on the other hand, are not as comfortable with solid materials as the expansion types. They are more suitable for hollow walls or thin materials, hence the name.

Plastic Ribbed Wall Anchors

A plastic wall anchor is one of the most common types of expansion anchor. Plastic wall anchors are available in different colors, designs and sizes. The ribbed type is often more suitable for lightweight objects and one of the easiest ones to install. Plastic ribbed wall anchors often come with a plastic sleeve and a screw. The plastic sleeve is inserted into a pre-drilled hole and then the screw is inserted.

Self-threading Anchors

Self-threading anchors or threaded drywall anchors are just large, threaded nuts with a point at the end. These are medium duty wall anchors and can be installed without the need for a drill or screwdriver. To install this type of drywall anchor, just screw the wall anchor in the drywall and then insert the fastening screw. 

Toggle Bolt Wall Anchors

Toggle bolt wall anchors, on the other hand, are the heavy duty types of drywall anchors. These wall anchors can hold up to 40 lbs or more, if installed properly. These anchors have “wings” which pull out towards the inside of the wall as the screw is being installed.