3 Types of Hedge Trimmers Explained

If you need to trim bushes or hedges, then you may be shopping for a set of hedge trimmers. There are a few different types and varieties available, and this article will provide information on the three basic types of hedge trimmers that are sold in most home improvement centers.

Blade Considerations

While there are three basic types of hedge trimmers, the type of blade used on a hedge trimmer can vary as well. For instance, some hedge trimmers come with a single-action blade, while other types use what is referred to as a double-action blade. Simply put, a single-action blade uses only one blade to cut the hedge, while a dual or double-action blade uses two blades.

A single-action blade uses a continuous blade that moves along the cutting bar. Dual-action blade hedge trimmers are more popular and use two blades to cut the hedge at the same time. The dual action blades move back and forth in opposite directions, which allows you to move the hedge trimmer in any direction you like in order to trim the bush or hedge.

1. Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are usually relatively inexpensive and very lightweight. They usually range in weight anywhere between 5 and 10 pounds which makes them an excellent choice for most people. They are usually sufficient for most small gardening tasks and can be used anywhere that an electrical outlet is available. You can also extend the range of electric hedge trimmer by a simply connecting it to an extension cord.

However, the use of an electrical cord also presents another problem: sometimes the electrical cord can get in the way and get cut by the hedge itself. So, when using an electric hedge trimmer, you should always use caution and be aware of the location of the electrical cord.

2. Cordless Trimmers

Cordless trimmers are also electric haedge trimmers, but they don't require an electrical cord. Instead, they use a rechargeable battery to provide energy needed to run the machine. When compared to regular electric trimmers, they are not quite as powerful. Also, they need to be recharged every hour or so or they won't work.

While cordless trimmers are very convenient and don't make much noise, they also don't last long on a single charge. Furthermore, if you need to cut large stems and branches on your bushes or hedges, a cordless trimmer is not the best option.

3. Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

Gas powered hedge trimmers are the most powerful type of trimmer available. Instead of electricity, they use regular gasoline to power a motor that moves the blades back and forth. If you need to cut bushes or hedges with fairly large stems and branches, then a gasoline powered hedge trimmer is the best choice.

While gasoline powered hedge trimmers are certainly more powerful than the other types, they also require the frequent filling of the tank with expensive gasoline. Also, when a gasoline powered trimmer doesn't work the way it should, repairs can be expensive.