3 Types of Hose Fittings Explained

There are different types of hose fittings that are available for your garden hoses. These include brass hose fittings, plastic hose fittings and hose fittings made from a nylon polymer material. Each of these types of hose fittings are designed to fit your garden hoses and control water, whether for watering your lawn, garden or washing a car. This article will explain each of these hose fittings types.

Knowing the different types of hose fittings will give you a sense of what type may be appropriate for your use around the home. This article can serve as a starting point from which you can find additional information on a type of hose fitting that you may be interested in.

Brass Hose Fittings

Brass hose fittings are those designed for your garden hose that are made from brass. Brass fittings are heavier than most hose fitting types and are also more expensive. Brass hose fittings come in both male and female adapters. A male adapter is one where the threads are on the outside of the fitting. A female adapter has threads that are inward. Having both of these types of adapters makes it easy to find the brass hose fitting that is appropriate for your garden hose.

Brass hose fittings can be found in most every home improvement center or garden supply store as well as with retailers such as K-Mart or Target and others.

Plastic Hose Fittings

Plastic hose fittings are designed similar to brass hose fittings. They are light weight and, as a result, are less expensive hose fittings than brass. A plastic hose fitting is as durable as brass and is designed to withstand various levels of water pressure, making these types of fitting perfect for every day home and garden use. You can purchase a supply of plastic hose fittings to have on hand since they have a lower replacement cost that do the brass hose fittings.

Nylon and Polymer Hose Fittings

A nylon and polymer hose fitting is the mid point type of hose fitting between brass and plastic. A nylon and polymer composite hose fitting is designed to be as durable as the other types of materials used for hose fittings. The composite material used in a polymer hose fitting withstands water pressure and can last for a long time when put into use. A person who is looking for a hose fitting that is more similar to brass without the price can meet their needs by purchasing a nylon and polymer hose fitting.

These types of hose fittings for your garden hose can easily be located and compared to help you determine which type meets your use and design needs. The different fittings can cost you anywhere from $1 to $1.25 for a plastic hose fitting to several dollars for a brass hose fitting with the price for a nylon and polymer composite hose fitting falling somewhere in between the two.