3 Types of Plant Stands for Your Home

Plant standsare a must for the gardener who wishes to maintain many different plants. Whether indoors or outdoors, having many plants is difficult to manage if they are all on the ground. Plant stands allow for the watering and care of plants by raising them off the ground and allowing the plants to grow taller by catching the sun or flowing over the planter. Plant stands can be made of almost any material that can support weight. Many plant stands are multi-tiered, allowing for several plants to be supported. Wooden designs typically look like small tables, assembled out of wood types that can withstand water without staining. Wood such as teak and cedar are often used for stands.

Metal stands can support the greatest weight. Some stands are created out of wrought iron because the weathered look will match most garden décor. Concrete or stone can be used in situations where there will be a single plant, and can be designed as a planter. Mostly these are used outside, as they weather extremely well.


Standard plant stands come in all shapes and sizes.  Metal stands can be more decorative, coming in oval or round shelving with legs forming curves down to the ground. Often there will be multiple levels, which stand on four or more legs. Some designs allow for multiple levels on different stands, each identical in design except for the height. This way, each separate stand can be arranged in a design around each other, or in a stepped fashion from lowest to highest. Other stands may have multiple levels, but the shelves are installed around the set of legs to make for a surround-type of decorative effect.


Corner plant stands are usually a three legged design to be tucked into the corner of an area.  Mostly used indoors, these can be taller because the weight of the stand will be supported by the corner of the walls. These designs can be made of both metal or wood. however, metal would be more suitable if the stand was taller, as more weight can be supported. Although many stands do not have to be fastened against the wall, there may be situations when it is beneficial. Stands that require this will provide screws and fasteners in order to make it easier.


Pedestal plant stands are a popular item for patios and terraces. Any sized plant can be put on the pedestal design depending on the materials used. While many plant stands used in this situation are made of iron or steel, concrete or stone can also be used.  Pedestal type plant stands are also used indoors for a single plant in a corner or stand alone in the foyer or other common area.