3 Types of Replacement Floor Drain Covers

There are different types of floor drain covers as they are made from different materials such as nickel, cast iron, stainless steel and brass. They are available in varying designs to use specific uses such as fitting drain covers in high-traffic areas or the bathroom.

Finished Area Floor Accessing Housing

This type of drain cover is made from cast iron and nickel and works well in high traffic areas such as corridors or patios. The top part is made from nickel which makes it resistant to rust and damage. It is easy to fix as it comes with adjustable screws.

Commercial Floor Drain

This type of floor drain cover is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for use in busy establishments that require efficient flow of water and waste. It is available in different sizes and comes with a basket strainer which prevents debris from blocking the drainage system.

Adjustable Floor Drain with Nickel Head

The head, frame and grate for this floor drain is made from nickel. It is designed with materials that protect it from damage such as rust and corrosion. This works well in finished floors such as kitchens or hotels where there is relatively high activity. It lies flat on the floor and allows water to easily seep through the holes.