3 Types of Wood Chippers Explained

Wood chippers are machines used to cut down wood—especially tree trunks—into smaller particles like sawdust and wood chips. These machines are portable as they can be mounted behind a van or a truck. Each hipper consists of a hopper, chipper mechanism and a bin to collect wood chips. Wood chippers are also used to transport wood chips from one place to another. There are 3 types of wood chipper: the drum chipper, the disk chipper and the screw chipper.

Type 1 - Drum Chipper

These can be characterized by the parallel-sided drum along with knives attached in the horizontal direction. An arrangement of chip breaker is done behind the rotating knives in a perpendicular direction to the blades. These are mainly used by workers in the park and by land developers to clear forestry.

Type 2 - Disk Chipper

The disk chipper has a flywheel, which comprises of a big steel disk directed at perpendicular direction and chopping blades that have slotted disks. The blades slice through the wood tips as it is pushed to the chipper, which is placed on roller belt. The knife in throat of the chipper provides cutting action in the opposite direction. The shape of the knives depends on the disk chipper model.

Type 3 - Screw Chipper

The blade of the interior of a screw chipper consists of a stretching, conical and screw-shaped blade. This spiral shaped long blade has its edges sharpened for wood chopping. The blade rotation of the chipper is set to parallel direction to the openings of the wood refuse, as the wood is being pulled in by blade’s spiral motion.

Most of the wood chippers have the two built-in chutes. The smaller chute consists of blades that shred branches to smaller chips, and a larger chute has blades, flails or hammers that help reduce stalks of plants and leaves into tiny bits. The bigger the chipper, the greater is its capacity and performance.

An electric wood chipper would be suitable for those who often find their yards scattered with debris after heavy wind storms. Except for the jamming of wet leaves during the winter season—one major drawback—it can be used for individuals who wish to clean up debris once a year by renting it for a day.

Wood chippers can lead to faster timbering, chipping and delivering it within due time to its customers. One must consider following features before buying one. They are durability, Proper storage facility and requirement of power. Mounting them on the truck with proper pneumatic tires would lead for a smooth transportation. As safety comes first, it is recommended to wear earplugs, eye protector, gloves and sturdy jacket for prevention of injuries and accidents which occurs while operating the wood chipper.