3 Vanity Options for an L-Shaped Bathroom

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When you are planning an L-shaped bathroom there are several things to consider. Besides the normal aspects like lights, tile, and fixtures, you should also know what will work well with your L-shaped bathroom. This goes for tubs, showers, and vanities. Here is a short list of recommended vanity options for your L-shaped bathroom.

Wall Length Vanity

Your L-shaped bathroom has a long wall and a short wall. Among the reasons that people love L-shaped bathrooms is that it gives the owner a place to set a wall length vanity. It can have a male and female sink as well as long countertops and under-counter storage.

Pedestal Sink With Separate Vanity

Another option that many renovators choose is to have a pedestal sink area in the corner with a separate vanity for dressing. It is great as it gives you more room for other fixtures.

Vessel Sink Vanity

Among the mantras of choosing a vanity for an L-shaped bathroom is to go for looks instead of function. Because of the configuration you want to display your fixtures in a dazzling way. A vanity with a vessel top (where the sink is above the vanity) looks great and fits in with the different shape of the bathroom.