3 Varieties of Juniper Trees

There are a countless number of varieties of Juniper trees; all of which are unique in some manner. The best Juniper for you will depend on your needs. The following is a quick list to help you choose which variety works best:

Chinese juniper: The Chinese juniper or “Juniperus chinensis” is a popular ornamental tree often seen in parks or public gardens. It can reach heights exceeding sixty feet at maturity; although it can also be kept under two feet, as a bonsai tree. With its familiar needle-like foliage and trainable woody branches, Chinese juniper is a beautiful juniper species.

Creeping juniper: The creeping juniper or “Juniperus horizontalis” is commonly observed as a ground cover plant because of its short stature and ability to spread throughout an area of land. Within the numerous cultivars of creeping juniper one can choose between a plant with bright green foliage, yellow foliage or variegated.

Red Juniper: The red juniper or “Juniperus virginiana” is a variety of juniper that is native to North America. Since this species is native to North America, it is the most ecologically progressive species of juniper to grow in the United States. It is an upright tree that produces a short trunk and a large, bushy canopy. This tree is perfect to plant on street sides or in a native plant garden.