3 Ways to Cleanly Remove a Car Bumper Sticker

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-25
What You'll Need
Razor blade
Hair dryer
Denatured alcohol
Soapy water

That car bumper sticker may have looked cool when you put it on, but after time it has become dated and embarrassing. Unfortunately, removing a bumper sticker is far more difficult than putting it on. The article discusses some common tips for removing a car bumper sticker.

The longer the sticker has been on the car, the harder it is to remove. In addition, in places where the sticker receives direct sunlight, the glue would adhere more tightly to the surface. These techniques will help you remove the bumper sticker from your car’s glass or painted surfaces.

Heating the Sticker

Heating the sticker softens the hard glue on the reverse side. Thus, use a hair dryer for about five minutes on the corner of the bumper sticker. Move the hair dryer in circular motions over the corners of the sticker. Keep a distance of several inches as you do not want to risk damaging the paint or the glass. As soon as you see bubbles on the surface of the sticker, you'll know the glue has softened.

You could also use a heat gun to loosen the sticker. Remember excessive and continuous heat can melt both the sticker and the bumper if not made using metal. The sticker can also be heated using boiling hot water. Soak the bumper area in boiling water for a minute. Before drying the surface, try to peel the sticker off.

Using Razor Blade Scraper and Alcohol

holding rubbing alcohol in the back of a truck

Get a razor blade scraper with a straight edge and handle along with a small bottle of denatured alcohol. These items are easily available at most hardware stores. You will also need a couple of clean rags. Use the razor scraper to remove the sticker. Unfortunately, the scraper will leave a residue of the sticker glue. This is when the alcohol must be used. Dab a small quantity of alcohol on the rag and scrub the glue residue. This will ensure removal of sticker particles from the surface.

When removing stickers from painted surfaces, you'll need to take care not to damage the paint. The razor scraper needs to be held at a low angle and used to work on small areas of the sticker. The denatured alcohol works great and is a mild solvent that will not damage the paint. Finally, ensure the car surface is clean by using a sponge, soap and water.

Using MacGyver

A product called MacGyver is available in the market that helps remove bumper stickers. The solution comes in a spray can and does not harm the surface paint. Many variations of the same product are available to help remove these bumper stickers. The key of the products is to loosen the glue adhesive applied behind the sticker so it peels off easily.

Complete the sticker removal process by polishing the car's surface. This can be done by applying a little car wax to a cloth and dabbing it onto the surface.