3 Ways to Deal with Humidity in the House

When the humidity in the house reaches very high levels it can feel like you are sitting in a sauna. Breathing is harder, moving is laborious, and there is a sticky feeling to your skin. Many people will turn to an air conditioner to help with high humidity levels in their home, but you can deal with humidity in the house in different, less expensive ways.

1. Use Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a great way to regulate the humidity in your home. This appliance works by filtering the air in your home and extracting the water. The water then goes into a tank that you can use to water your flowers or garden.

2. Keep Windows Open

While it may seem like a good idea to shut all of the windows when it is hot out, you need to let air circulate through your home or the humidity levels will rise. When the air is stagnant the humidity in the house will actually feel worse because there is no release of the air. 

3. Have Plenty of Plants

A home that has several house plants in it will have lower humidity levels than one without. The plants extract many of their nutrients from the air. Some plants can receive water from the air. Boston Ferns, and small cacti plants are just some of the examples.