3 Ways To Improve Camellia Flower Blooms

Camellia flowers come in several different beautiful colors. They have specific preferences when it comes to growing and care. But if you are able to keep up with their demand then you will be graced with beautiful blooms.


Camellias flourish in mild climates. Improving blooms begins with making sure your flowers are in the right type of climate. The soil for your camellia has to be neutral or somewhat acidic. Your soil cannot be alkaline. Camellias flourish in very high humidity.


Deadheading flowers of any kind encourages their blooms to come back bigger and better than ever. After the growing season, simply cut the dead blooms off so that new, improved ones can return.

Specific Care For Great Blooms

If you mulch your camellias, be sure to do so in the spring and the fall. Keep in mind that when you are watering your camellia in the middle of the summer that you should water them from above. By the time September hits you should slow down watering all together. You should just keep the soil moist. Make sure that you are using lime-free water for this task.