3 Ways to Prevent a Roach Infestation

If you already have a roach infestation, you have a limited number of options to eliminate it, all of them difficult and costly. However, with proper planning, you can prevent roach infestations before they happen, saving yourself a lot of time, money and effort in the future. Peventing roach infestations completely can be very difficult, as roaches require notoriously little in the way of resources to live and thrive. It is never too early to plan ahead to avoid a future infestation of roaches. Using the following techniques, you should be able to keep your home roach free.


The best way to prevent roaches from moving in with you is preventing them from being able to get in at all. Go over all possible entrances to your house—this includes the obvious doors and windows, but also cracks in  the floor, baseboards, cupboards, and any other opening. If you live in an apartment, remember that while a roach could get in from outside, it is just as likely to be able to get in from another apartment.

Once you are done taking inventory of your entrances, it is time to seal them off. For your doors and windows, you should install weather stripping to seal them off from the outside world. For small cracks, you can use caulk to close them permanently. Be thorough—it only takes one hole to let in roaches.


Roaches are notorious for being able to live in inhospitable conditions, but they still need food and water like any animal. Without a supply of food and water to keep them alive, roaches will be much less interested in moving into your home. By keeping all of your food and water unavailable, you can keep them from wanting to come in the first place.

However, when dealing with roaches, being too thorough is impossible. Because of this, it is important to use some strategy when cleaning to make sure you get every single particle of food.

First, clean up after eating thoroughly. Wash dishes and wipe up eating areas with a sponge immediately after eating.

Do not leave food out and available. If you are storing food, you should seal it tightly so that it does not give off smells and attract roaches.

It is important to hunt down any hidden crumbs that may have escaped detection the first time. In order to do this, you will have to move appliances and furniture out of the way to vacuum beneath them so you can avoid having any tiny scraps of food available for roaches to eat. Using a vacuum cleaner attachment can also help with this, as it can allow you to vacuum in areas you normally would not. However, do not use a vacuum cleaner attachment as a substitute for a thorough cleaning.


In addition to food, you also need to make sure any roaches that think about infesting your home have no water as well. Do not leave dishes to soak for an unnecessarily long time, and clean up all spills immediately.