3 Ways to Quiet Kitchen Drawer Slides

A set of offwhite cabinets with two drawers slightly open

Kitchen drawer slides are usually exposed to a lot of wear and tear due to excessive opening and closing of drawers. With time, kitchen drawers can get squeaky or lose their fluid movement. The best way is to start the process of quieting a noisy drawer down is by looking at what lies beneath.

1. Broken or Bent Slides

Most commonly, a noisy or squeaky kitchen drawer is due to broken or bent slides. Though the easiest solution would be to go out and buy new slides to replace the old ones. Slides can easily be repaired as well if they are only bent and not broken. Start off by fully removing the drawer and then unscrewing the slides for a better look. Any bents can be straightened out by using a basic set of pliers.

2. New Screws

Drawer pulled out exposing the drawer slide hardware

Sometimes, however, quieting kitchen drawer slides may not even require that much work. In some cases, the problem is that one or more of the mounting screws on the slide may have fallen off in which case; the simple solution is to get some new screws and screw them in. The drawer will become quieter and smooth again.

3. Special Drawer Slides

The best path to quieter kitchen drawers is to buy special drawer slides that contain ball bearings. They allow a full extension just as basic drawer slides do but are super-quiet and smooth when the drawer is opened. They also buffer noise when the drawer is closed. The drawer glides smoothly back into position in a fluid motion without having to apply excessive force.