3 Ways to Store a Toilet Brush

The toilet brush is the most important cleaning tool in a bathroom, but it is also the tool that you least want to see. Here are 3 ways for storing your toilet brush so that it is out of site but ready when you need it.

1 - Cabinet

A useful device is the built-in plunger cabinet. The cabinet is recessed into the bathroom wall between the studs similar to a recessed medicine cabinet. The plunger cabinet holds your toilet plunger, toilet brush and cleaning supplies.

2 - Caddy

Most homes have a toilet brush caddy. A caddy is simply a freestanding container that stores a toilet brush. Caddies come in different designs. Some offer complete concealing of the toilet brush while others are no more than a bowl that holds the toilet brush upright for easy access.

3 - Under-Counter

A simple and inexpensive way to store your toilet brush is to keep it in a bucket underneath your bathroom counter. This way the toilet brush remains hidden from view, and it is in a convenient location with all your bathroom-cleaning supplies.

Do not allow toilet brush storage to cause anxiety. Simply choose one of these storage tips and get that brush off the floor.