3 Ways to Wash a Paint Roller

Using a paint roller is one of the quickest and easiest methods of painting a large surface. They are often used for walls and ceilings but you will need to find a way of cleaning the rollers. Rollers are pretty expensive and you will need to clean them so that you can use them again and save money on future projects.

Paint can harden very quickly on the bristles which will make the rollers useless. Using the correct methods you will be able to clean the rollers as quickly as possible. There are actually a few different options which can be used to clean your rollers in different circumstances.

Washing with Water

One of the easiest techniques is to wash the roller with clean water. This will work in certain circumstances although isn't suitable for all types of paint.

Before washing the paint roller, scrape off the roller as much as possible and back into the can. This avoids washing too much paint down the drain and it will also save you money. A putty knife can be used to scrape the paint off the roller.

Once as much paint as possible has been scraped off, the roller can then be washed in water. This process may need to be repeated several times before all the paint is removed.

After this allow the roller to dry in the air. Don't pack it away until it is completely dry. This will mean that all of your brushes can be stored safely.

High Speed Spinning

Another option which isn't used as often is to use a high speed spin cleaner. This is a device which will spin the rollers very fast so that all the paint can be removed. Commercial cleaners are available or you can simply convert a drill to accept your rollers.

Using a battery powered drill makes cleaning easy. Put the roller onto the drill and place it into a large container. Spin the roller and all the paint should fly off. Then wet the roller and repeat the process. The beauty of doing this is that the rollers will be dried instantly and can be stored straight away.

Paint Strippers

If you are using textured paint then you will find it difficult to remove with water alone. Instead you can wash the rollers in paint strippers which will dissolve the paint and make washing it off much easier. After using strippers you should then wash the roller using water.

Whichever method of cleaning your rollers you choose it's important that you clean them as quickly as possible. By cleaning your rollers as early as possible you minimize the chance of any damage being caused to them.

Cleaning rollers is a much more affordable alternative to using disposable rollers. Although many professionals believe that these are disposable, they can be used for many times before they need to be replaced. This will actually save you a considerable amount of money.