3 Window Treatment Designs

When it comes to decorating a home, the window treatment designs that are chosen will make a dramatic impact on the final look. Taking some time to look at different design ideas, and materials, will allow you to make a better decision on your window treatment.

1. Elegant Drape and Valance

One way to truly dress up a large room is with the use of a long, heavy drape and a valance. With the drapes tied back in the middle, the impact is astounding. You can instantly turn a drab room into a formal setting with regal overtones. Add some hanging tassels to the valance and the elegance is magnified.

2. Basic Budget Friendly Curtains

Small room are perfect for the use of simple, straight curtains. They do not need to have a tie back with them and can hang straight. Attached to a pull string curtain rod and they can be easily opened and closed.

3. Vinyl Blinds

One of the more popular window treatment designs is with the use of vinyl window blinds. They blinds can be opened and closed with a pull string and rotated to open, or close, the vinyl slats. Coupled with a sheer curtain, or a small valance on the top, this is a great design for bright and open rooms.