3 Wood Valance Design Ideas

wooden window valence

Any house, office or even a simple room would look more fascinating and elegant if it is accented with a wood valance. These can be placed over blinds, shades or draperies to make any place with it more appealing in the eye. A lot of wood valances come in different styles and colors that can match the paints and designs of a window, blind or even curtains. If your quest is to make an average room stand out, wood valance can certainly help a lot. Below are just 3 of the innumerable valance design ideas there is.

Make it in Different Shapes

Typically, wood valance are just plain and rectangular in shape, especially if it is being designed in windows and draperies. A good way to have it uniquely styled this time is for you to explore other shapes to install in your window such as curved or oblong valance. This can certainly provide a different level of customization in your home interior.

You may as well combine different shapes with crown moldings and edge routing in order to expand the design palette even more. Even a simple rectangular valance can be exceptional if you make an arch design in it. Some even try putting up flower designs and still stands out once installed. The uniqueness of your wood valance will simply depend on your taste and preference.

Architecturally Designed

Wood carvings in your wood valance are yet another great idea to feast into. In choosing the best carving, try to look upon the entire room or place where you will install the valance and match it with some existing woodwork in the area to make it look as if it is part of the room. If, for instance, you have an existing architecturally designed wood valance in one area of your house, you may use the same design to other part of the house to provide a sense of continuity or uniformity. A visual connection can be seen if you use the same moldings or designs in two adjoining room. Things such as this can absolutely make your home look simple yet elegant.

Paint it for a Unique Blend

Wood valance can be painted to match an existing woodwork. Once painted, it complements the rest of the window and provides a rich and stunning effect. The most typical paint colors are black and white. These are universal colors that can match any décor or interior effortlessly. It also makes an area such as the living room very sophisticated with these classic colors.

If you're designing a bedroom for a child or a teenager, you may paint it with bright colors and still make it look nice and appealing. Basically, you will just match the existing color of the room to follow the theme.

Wood valance are made to give justice and add sophistication to a simple looking room. With a variety of design ideas to choose from, you will surely want to start re-decorating your own house or room.