3m Adhesive

For a wide variety of applications, the 3M adhesive selection includes something for all uses. From epoxies, acrylics, cyanoacrylates and polyurethanes to hot melt glue, contact cement and spray adhesives, 3M offers an incredibly diverse range of products. 3M adhesives are used in the home, at worksites and for heavy industrial uses. Producing both structural and non-structural adhesives, they come in the form of pastes, tapes, sprays, films, liquids and solids. Specifically engineered to perform a variety of tasks such as plastic bonding or instant bonding among others, 3M adhesives meet virtually all bonding needs. 

Adhesive Categories

The categories of adhesives offered by the 3M corporation include aerosol, contact, instant, plastic, rubber, structural and polyurethane reactive adhesives, hot melt systems, concrete repair and industrial adhesives. Aerosol adhesives include such products as Super 77 all-purpose spray adhesive and Foam Fast 74 foam spray adhesive. Water-based contact adhesives include 3M's Fastbond, while instant adhesives include a full line of Scotch-Weld products. In addition, 3M offers Scotch-Grip and Scotch-Weld plastic and rubber adhesives, two-part acrylic and epoxy structural adhesives and a number of polyurethane sealants and glues. Several types of hot melt products, self-leveling concrete sealants and water- and solvent-based industrial adhesives fill out the product line.


The properties of the different types of 3M adhesives vary according to the base material. Epoxies are extremely heat and chemical resistant, forming an irreversible bond when cured. By contrast, all-purpose spray adhesives are for non-structural use, applied primarily for bonding lightweight objects. Hot melt adhesives have both domestic and commercial applicability, quickly forming low- or high-temp bonds. Fast-curing cyanoacrylate, better known as superglue, is included among 3M's line of instant adhesives. 

With numerous products to choose from, each serving a very specific function, 3M adhesives provide exactly the kind of bonding strength necessary to fuse together all manner of glass, plastic, concrete and many other materials.