3M Foam Adhesive

Perfect for bonding urethane and latex foam to foam, fabrics and other materials, 3M foam adhesive comes in several different varieties. 3M 74 spray-on foam adhesive is quickly applied, makes little mess and forms an instantaneous tack. Highly useful for art projects, crafts and upholstery work, spray foam adhesive is but one product 3M offers. Also produced is Fastbond 100 foam adhesive. This water-based foam adhesive works well with not only foam, but with leather, wood and some plastics. It is non-flammable and fast tacking for your convenience.

Foam Adhesive Application

Spray foam adhesive is applied with an aerosol can. Adjust the width of the spray from 1 to 3 inches depending on the project. Other applicators may be used to apply water-based foam adhesive, such as Fastbond 100. Both types are fast setting and create a flexible bond. Bonding foam can be difficult because it is so porous. 3M foam adhesives, however, make short work of it, even when joining edges.


3M foam adhesives are water resistant, emit low or no odors, and dry clear. Spray-on adhesives apply in a controlled lace pattern and hardly soak in, even on very porous types of foam, meaning that more adhesive stays on the surface to form the bond. For bonding foam insulation, consider 3M's foam insulation 78 adhesive for a high-strength, fast-drying bond with high heat and moisture resistance.