3m Spray Adhesive

For bonding a large assortment of paper products, foam and fabrics to just about any surface including metal, wood and plastic, 3M spray adhesive will do the trick. 3M's Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive is a strong-bonding adhesive that dries quickly after being sprayed on. Perfect for craft projects, matting pictures, making costumes, doing upholstery work or for other uses, 3M spray adhesive is incredibly easy to use. Super 77's versatility makes the spray-on adhesive useful for many applications. The adhesive forms an aggressive tack without soaking in too much to porous materials. 


Just as 3M spray adhesive is useful when crafting, designing a scrapbook or making projects for school, it can also be used for light home improvement such as adding decorative trim around the edge of a wall. Repair a pool table or build a portable putting green for your sport room quickly and effectively without making a big mess. 

Use Techniques

Use 3M spray adhesive in an area that is well ventilated or outside for safety purposes. The surfaces being bonded should be clean and free of any kind of debris. Holding the aerosol can approximately 6 to 8 inches away from the surface, apply an even coat. After half a minute, secure the bond in place and move on to the next task.