3M Super 77 Adhesive

3M Super 77 adhesive is a multipurpose spray-on glue that creates a strong bond and dries quickly. Applied with an aerosol can, Super 77 forms a strong tack once sprayed on, and little of the adhesive soaks into the bonding surface, so it works great even with porous materials. Use Super 77 adhesive for a wide variety of household and office projects, from making crafts, school projects and hanging photographs to doing light home repair. Nearly any lightweight material including all types of paper, fiberboard, fabric and foam can be quickly bonded to wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces.

No Mess

Spray-on adhesive is beneficial for a number of reasons, including its quick application, strong bond and versatility. Above all, Super 77 adhesive from 3M won't leave a big mess to clean up. It sprays on cleanly in a web-like pattern without dripping or running. Whether you're affixing carpeting, fabric or paper, Super 77 is the tidiest way to glue.


For safety purposes, you should always apply 3M Super 77 adhesive in either a well-ventilated area or outside. Hold the can about 6 or 7 inches from the surface and apply. While the bond forms fairly quickly, Super 77 allows you some time to position the overlaying material so you can get it right.