4 Advantages of Tire Rotation

The advantages of tire rotation are many, including money savings, fuel efficiency increases, better vehicle control and better tire performance. Read more about the 4 advantages of tire rotation below.

Advantage 1 - Save Money

Tire rotation will save you money by promoting equal tire wear. Your tires will last longer and perform more effectively. Your fuel efficiency will go up, saving you money on gas. Your car will steer and brake better, saving costs of repairs to these parts of your drive train.

Advantage 2 - Improve Fuel Efficiency

Properly rotated tires help the car steer and handle better. This increases fuel efficiency by keeping tire friction at its lowest safe level.

Advantage 3 - Better Vehicle Control

If all four tires are wearing down evenly, your vehicle can respond to demands such as a quick acceleration to pass, a sudden jam on the brakes, and be more responsive on tight corners. As well, equally stressed tires will help maintain your wheel alignment and balance, by reducing horizontal friction with the road.

Advantage 4 - Better Tire Performance

Tire rotation just before winter will improve your traction on wet, slippery and icy roads. The tires that do the gripping - those in line with the differential that distributes drive shaft forces - will have slightly fresher tread to perform this important task.