4 Advantages of Using a Pneumatic Grease Gun

A garage or workshop is not complete until you have a pneumatic grease gun added to your arsenal. A pneumatic grease gun does not have to be limited to a commercial garage, as there are smaller ones for the hobbyist. The principle behind a pneumatic grease gun is that it uses compressed air and pistons to force grease from the nozzle to the desired location. Previously, you would have to use battery operated grease guns or grease cans, which get messy and are ineffective. The following article will share with you several distinct advantages you have when using a pneumatic grease gun.

1. Prevents Waste

Using grease, oil or lube around the garage with your vehicles is something any tinkerer has to do. If you are rebuilding a classic automobile or fixing up and lawn mower there is always a need to use lubricant. A pneumatic grease gun allows you to precisely measure out how much grease you will use on each pull of the trigger. This is important for one major reason: waste. The pneumatic grease gun will prevent it. Trying to lube a ball bearing by hand will undoubtedly cause you to use much more grease than you need to. On the other hand, you may not use enough, in which case the bearing could seize. The pneumatic grease gun will stop waste and provide an accurate amount of grease every time.

2. Better Saturation

Being able to get grease where it is needed is incredibly important to maintain the life of the vehicle and its components. Most other devices that disperse grease will spray a shot of it over the area. A pneumatic grease gun allows you to get right into the area where it is required. When you squeeze the trigger the grease is forced from the nozzle and directly at the area, instead of in its general direction.

3. Longevity

If you own a shop or are constantly rebuilding machinery you look for products that will last for years to come. The cost will typically be more, but in the end you will save money by buying quality from the start and not having to replace the equipment often. A pneumatic grease gun, if properly cared for and maintained, can last for over a decade.

4. Speed and Accuracy

In a shop environment where you are paid by quantity as much as quality you need to be able to get the little things out of the way quickly. Rebuilding engines and transmissions take time, so you do not want to waste what little time you have greasing up the moving components. A pneumatic grease gun affords you the ability to grease an entire underside of a car or truck in under a minute. If you have more than one vehicle on a lift to get greased you can have them all finished in a handful of minutes. Using battery operated or push cans will take several minutes per vehicle, and that is assuming you can accurately squirt grease in the needed areas.