4 Advantages of Using a Tile Backer Board

A tile backer board.

A tile backer board is great for your bathroom or kitchen. There are numerous advantages of tile backer board over plywood or plasterboard. If you are renovating a bathroom or a kitchen, and want a superior backer board for your walls, then take a look at some of the advantages of tile backer board.

1. Greater Load Capacity

Tile backer board will open up numerous potentials for covering your walls. You can use slate, marble, and stone tiles with this type of backer board.

2. Created for Adhesion

Unlike other surfaces like plywood or plasterboard, the tile is created with an eye towards adhesion. Mortars and grout stick to this type of surface naturally. This is great for big tiling jobs and a lot of vertical areas. The bond between the tile and the backer board is much stronger than with other surfaces.

3. Waterproof

Tile backer board is also a waterproof material. This makes it ideal for shower installations, kitchen backsplashes, and even for use in laundry areas. Because it is a tile material there is no need to worry about rotting or weakening.

4. Good Load Bearing Qualities

When you want to put down a tile floor, you can also use tile backer board as the subfloor instead of plywood. This will make the floor base thinner.