4 Arbor Lighting Options

Arbor lighting will definitely enhance the beautiful appearance of your garden. There are several ways of how you can install lights over your arbor, no matter whether the arbor is made of wood or metal. If you want, you can install lights that have different colors and you can decorate your arbor with lights related to holidays which we celebrate throughout the year.

1 – Holiday Arbor Lighting

Holidays and festivities can help you light your arbor in a most attractive fashion. For example, if you are going to celebrate Halloween, you can hang pumpkin-shaped lights over your arbor and these lights will give your garden a spooky atmosphere. Pay a visit to a local craft store and there you may find a whole variety of different arbor lights available. You can also decide to put some of the lights on the plants that grow along the arbor so that the lights will illuminate the plants as well.

2 – Colored Arbor Lighting

Your arbor will look beautiful even if you hang on it lights which have different colors, or else choose only your favorite color and all the lights over your arbor will be of that color. Another way of lighting your arbor is by selecting a color to symbolize a mood. For example, you can install white lights to provide a romantic atmosphere, whereas blue lights provide a more relaxing atmosphere. There are two ways how you can hang the colored lights over your arbor, either only at the arbor’s top or around the whole arbor. It all depends on your preferences.

3 – Arbor Lighting with Candles

Candles can be a way to provide arbor lighting too. You can hang different votive candles onto your arbor to illuminate different areas of it. Keep in mind that candles can be very dangerous and can cause an unexpected fire if left unattended. Remember that an arbor is often made of flammable materials.

Make sure that the candles, if they are real candles, are located far away from all plants. If you want, replace the real candles with LED ones to be on the safe side. Electric candles are safer than real candles because they run on batteries, and they have light bulbs that greatly simulate a real flame light.

4 – Accent Arbor Lighting

Instead of candles and colored or holiday lighting, you can decorate the arbor of your garden with accent lights as well. Nowadays you can come across arbor lights that closely resemble the plants growing on your arbor. These lights may look like vegetables and grapes. The lighting that such lights provide is quite soft and it enhances the comforting atmosphere of your garden. You can hang the accent lights from your arbor or wrap them around it.

You can choose to install light fixtures on the ground that project the light in an upward direction onto the arbor. You can also install lights on the arbor’s sides. The color of these lights does not matter, it depends completely on your tastes.