4 Benefits of Chimney Draft Inducers

Homeowners with chimney draft problems can often find important benefits offered by a chimney draft inducer. But before he is convinced that these benefits are within his reach, the homeowner may need to know more about such benefits. You can learn more about these benefits in the information below.

Benefit #1 - Offset Negative Air Pressure

Draft inducers are designed to offset air pressure from wind, cold air, and inadequate chimney height by providing negative air pressure that forces chimney air from a fireplace up through the chimney and into outside air.

Benefit #2 - Cold Air Draft Reduction

By turning on the motors of a draft inducer when the chimney is too cold to generate its own natural draft, a temporary, blower-induced, upward draft is created in the chimney until fireplace heat can create a natural draft.

Benefit #3 - Fireplace Smoke Reduction

Smoke induced into the home from chimney downdrafts, defects in fireplace design, or other factors, can be avoided by a draft inducer. Without these inducers, downdrafts can prevent fireplace smoke from rising up through the chimney.

Benefit #4 - Supplemental Air Induced

Draft inducers are able to overcome the effects of reduced air required in a chimney for adequate chimney draft. The draft inducer introduces supplemental air into the chimney in fireplaces built in some of the more tightly constructed homes.